Full-time job Digital Marketing

Full-time job Digital Marketing:

Whether you are looking to succeed in the corporate world or want to become a freelancer – our digital marketing course will help you succeed in every possible way.

When you join our course, you decide whether you want to become a freelancer or get into a full-time job. No matter what you select, we guide you through every step of the journey to turn your dream into reality. Full-time job Digital Marketing

How does the ECT Guarantee Works?

Our sister company, SixPL LLC is a leading growth marketing agency with a strong network of 2000+ clientele from 25 countries across the globe. Our list of clients includes OYO, Tech Mahindra, Ministry of Ayush, Exide Life Insurance and hundreds of small businesses from overseas. Full-time job Digital Marketing

As we expand to grow our team, we are looking for certified digital marketers who can deliver superior results to our clients. This is where we would like you to get advanced practical training from ECT and land a job in our digital marketing agency. Your agency can accommodate limited people. Full-time job Digital Marketing

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How can you guarantee a job to every enrolled student?

The ECT guarantee is launched periodically based on our forecast and planning. It is not valid forever. As soon as we close the vacancies, you will not be able to avail these benefits. Full-time job Digital Marketing

Which job profile will I get?

Before starting the full-time job, you will be put on a cross-functional paid internship where you will be working on multiple functions of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, web design, etc. After completion of course and paid internship, you will be in a better position to assess your interest. Based on your interest and expertise, we offer a suitable opportunity. Full-time job Digital Marketing

What will be the compensation?

The salary and other benefits depend on several factors such as skill set, communication skills and job role. An interview will be conducted to work out the salary details. Full-time job Digital Marketing

Get Mentorship From our CEO
For Your Career Growth

Saket is the Founder and CEO of SixPL, a leading digital marketing company in India. He has generated a revenue of more than $60m through innovative digital and content marketing initiatives for 1000+ clients across the globe. His clientele includes leading names such as Tech Mahindra, NIIT Technologies, Oyo Rooms, Exide Life Insurance, etc. Full-time job Digital Marketing

Being a mentor at heart, he established ECT, a professional training institute recognized by DIPP, Govt. of India. Full-time job Digital Marketing

At ECT, he shares his real-life experiences with students to upgrade their content digital marketing skills and switch to a fulfilling career. Full-time job Digital Marketing

Saket began his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance writer. He has worked as a ghostwriter for top CEOs of India. His articles have been published in several international publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, etc. Full-time job Digital Marketing

Saket holds an MBA from FORE School of Management and B.Tech. (ECE) from GGS IP University, Delhi. Full-time job Digital Marketing

ECT is Recognized by the Government of India

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